Saturday, October 5, 2013

May 24, Our First Foray into the Forest

After arriving at Trinity Lake KOA we were anxious to see the sites. What are the sites when you are located in the middle of one of the largest wilderness areas on the west coast? Forest, streams, mountains, lakes, flowers and more trees.

Trinity county is one of the largest counties in California. About a third the size of the state of Vermont. There are 13,000 people in 32,000 square miles. It is listed as rural! With more than 2.5 square miles per person I think that rural is a good descriptor. There are no traffic lights in the county. Two east-west roads and only one north-south road. Our KOA is located on state route 3 about 30 miles north of Weaverville in the heart of the Shasta-Trinity-Whiskeytown National Wilderness Area. Don’t let the designation as a state route fool you. Just north of KOA there is a warning that the road is very steep and winding. Vehicles over 32 feet and those pulling trailers are advised not to use the road. It is a very scenic drive but not for those who get squeamish on roads with no guard rail and vey long way down.

Our first adventure was UP a logging road following Swift Creek. These are a few of the pictures that we snapped. Lou with her smart phone and Tom with his trusty Sony camera. (More on that a much later date.)

Swift creek

Our first view of Swift Creek from the trail.

Lou w Tanzy on hillside  Tom n Tanzy on hillside

Guess who.  A couple of Buckeyes and their dog!

Red flowers 1  Blue flowers 1

Flower White  White Flowers 2Flowers 1

There were many flowers that caught our eye. These are just a few. The views of Trinity Lake and of the near by mountains were great. The humidity in May was about 10% which made for clear air.

Lake view 1  Lake w trees 2Mountain view 1

More flower and soil pictures.

Close up 4  Close up 3

Close up 2  Close up

Close up 5

This last picture was taken farther up in the mountains where we were unable to hike (getting older isn’t any fun). Of course the picture was taken before the snow had melted. Photographer is unknown.


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