Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lower Hadley Pond

Today, July 10, was a beautiful day for an adventure.

Our first stop was to visit Lower Hadley Pond. It is a water supply for some of the small towns. Being an island in the saltwater ocean means you need to have a fresh water supply. There a number of these small water resources on the island. Naturally, swimming, dogs or entering the water is taboo. There are hundreds of miles of trails on the island of which the Hadley Ponds Trail is a shorter one.

We drove off route 102 to a place to pull off of the gravel Hadley Pond Road. Tanzy was very excited as we were there a couple days ago. The first view you get looks like this…

First view of the pond

Another look a short way down the trail shows some reeds in the fore ground.

Another view of Lower Hadley Pond

The water is very clean and clear.

Clear water

The trail is lined with conifers and deciduous trees. The needles make for a soft and quiet trail walk.

Lower Hadley Trail 2

Once in a while you encounter a birder out on an expedition to see and hear that illusive symbol of the north woods, the common loon.

Number one bird watcher


There he is!

After a successful exploration, there are many relaxing vistas to see on the stroll back to the Honda.

A very peaceful place

Thank God we have such a beautiful country and the freedom to wander it without the hassle of crossing political borders.


Our day continued with a stop at the Farmers’ Market in Northeast Harbor where we purchased fresh baked bread, cookies, a scone and two jars of special sauces for use primarily on seafood. One is white and the other red.

After leaving Mount Desert Island, we took back roads to the Ellsworth Library (mentioned in a previous blog). On the way we could not resist a stop for homemade ice cream at a small stand on the Union River. We returned one book and took out four books and a DVD at the library.

Our last stop was Wally World for a few grocery, a spray lubricant for our non-functioning steps and some cash. We are not near a branch of our bank so we get cash back and avoid ATM fees.

A Walk Up Beech Cliff Trail and Back


  Start of Beech Cliff Trail  Beech Cliff Trail Marker

Starting up Beach Cliff Trail

Forest 1  Forest 2

Lou going out the trail

Lou n Tanzy Hiking over rock 1

Lou n Tanzy Rseting 2

View towardOcean 2

Lou n Tanzy Enjoying the View

Down toward Echo Lake Beach  Fire tower

Tom by trails marker