Sunday, March 17, 2013

Florida Pole Sitter (March 17, 2013)


During our almost daily trips of 10 miles into the town of Okeechobee, we pass by many sights. Lou, using her keen vision, spotted this pole sitter. We have been watching it ever since. The view from State Route 70 west of town while heading east looks like the photo below.

Owl nest

If you were to look closer you would see a nest atop a power pole. The high voltage wires, insulators and metal spikes did not deter this intrepid home builder. The nest looks like an osprey nest. It might have been at one time but not at this time.


Let us look a little closer at this abode made of sticks and dry grasses.

Owl 2

My goodness! Are those horns on that creature?

Owl 2 closer

Yes they are “horns” made of feathers.

Owl 2 close up

The Great Horned Owl, named for it’s ear tufts, is one of the most common and widespread owl. The eyes, when open, are glowing yellow or orange eyes on tawny brown facial disc. They can be found from the Artic tundra to tropical rainforests. They are not uncommon in residential areas.

The young owlets fledge while still downy and the ear tufts are not noticeable. Lou and I have seen a buff colored down ball beside the “pole sitter”. Our nephew Calvin feels that he saw two little ones in the nest. Hopefully we will be able to get more photos showing the young.