Monday, May 26, 2014

Wedding Preparations

The main reason for our swing through Ohio and Pennsylvania on our way to Maine was for our daughter Denise’s marriage to Gerald Lindemuth in Northeast, PA. It was a joyous time for all.

The reception was to be a family style picnic. Due to the weather in that part of the country this time of year it was held in doors. The American Legion Post 105 hall was an excellent place to hold the gathering. It was large, clean and they would cater the party for us. Of the 80 or so family and friends invited more than 60 attended.

The families met on Friday to do some decorating. Here are Gerry, son Connor and mother of the groom Irene. Irene did a wonderful job getting all of the decorations and flowers together. Gerry’s father, Glen, was busy erecting a lighted arch covered with a silver studded mesh. He was so quiet, he did not attract attention and I failed to photograph his work.


Denise’s son Dre’ and daughter Paige were big helps as was Dre’s friend Brandy. Of course Lou was involved with the decorating. A friend of Lou’s designed three style of wrappers for miniature candy bars. The wrappers had wedding scenes, the couples’ names and the date. Lou had the arduous task to wrap and glue the wrappers on over 150 bars. They were well received especially by those with a sweet tooth.


Next came the rehearsal at the Free Methodist Church in Northeast. Pastor John had all in control as we were shown our parts. I had the honor to walk Denise down the aisle and on behalf of Lou and I, give her to Gerry. I didn’t care for the phrase “give her away”. She is still our daughter!

We travelled to Harbor Creek to a Chinese Buffett for a sumptuous meal treated by Glen. There were 20 family, friends and clergy there.

Friday, May 23, 2014

2014 Summer Adventure Begins

I have had a few people ask when I was going to get back to doing our blog so I shall begin. I hope that there is enough interesting activities to keep your interest. At some point I will add in pictures from our 2013 trip to Trinity in northern California. As always, clicking on the pictures will give a larger view.

We ended April and started May by working at the Spring Samboree in Okeechobee. Our friend and wagon master for Yankee RV Tours asked us to fill in for him at his table and present the seminars for the tours and rallies that he offers. He was on a tour during this time slot. The Samboree date had been changed after he had made arrangements. It was a fun and learning experience. We met many of our RVing friends and made some new ones.


Our trip to Ashtabula took 3 nights as we made a side trip to the Tampa/St Pete area the first day. It was a nice ride up with decent travel weather and no major incidents.

We parked in Lou’s sister Barbara’s driveway for three or four nights while we made contact with long time friends. (I was told that I should not call them ‘Old Friends”. Smile) We visited my sister and has a nice meal with her, Danny and Karen. She lives in some quite posh digs now. I was able to spend some quality time with my grandson Dre’ as I helped him get his learner’s drivers permit. We spent time driving and practicing the maneuverability test. Lou and Barbara did the usual shopping trip$$.

On Thursday we head to Northeast Pennsylvania to begin to get ready for the wedding. There were almost endless grape vineyards. Of course. Lake Erie was in view from the high back roads that we took.


The campground was unique in many ways. I was alone in the coach when I first arrived. (Lou had dropped off with the Honda to go with Denise for manicure and pedicure.) I notice that what from behind looked like a Newfoundland dog. Well it wasn’t! It was a miniature pony! It had free roam of the campground. I did not see anyone following it to clean up after it as they require us to do with Tanzy.


However the best was yet to come as I was visited shortly by a very large Potbelly Pig! It must have weighed 200 pounds, at least. There was yet more free roam animals as two goats grazed on the grass by our rig. Tanzy went wild as you might imagine. Before we left on Sunday we discovered a small flock of turkeys and six donkeys in a penned area not far from us. Their vocalizations were very easy to identify.