Thursday, October 10, 2013

End of May pictures

After getting setup, we decided to take a hike up one of the nearby trails. Tanzy’s beagle half really kicks in when we are in the wilderness. Her nose is on the ground and her tail wags 90 miles per hour. She is a good girl and sits on command but we have been unable to get her to pose and look at the camera. That makes this shot special for us.

T and T in wilds   Mountain view

This is the aftermath of our hike. Tanzy fixed her bed on the coach with two pillows and Lou’s rag quilt. Then she had Fluffy to join her to dream of all the creatures that she detected with her overactive nose. Fluffy was her very first stuffed animal when she first joined our family.

Tanzy and Fluffy

A friend of one of the camp workers and spent the winter restoring this trolley car. We all took a ride around the camp ground. He did a very nice job with beautiful wood working.


Since Tom was going to be responsible for the patio boats, he thought that a ride was in order. They are 24 foot pontoon boats with big yellow biminis. Yellow is KOA,s color of choice.

Tom piloting the boat  Snow on the mountains 1

If you click to enlarge the mountain picture, you can better see the snow on the mountain. There was little snow fall in the 2012-13 winter. That coupled with the picture taken in early June, not much snow is visible.

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