Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tanzy’s Encounter

I was out in the yard working with my trustee helper near by. I heard her give a single sharp bark. That should have been my clue but I missed it. I thought that she was after the anoles around the telephone pole where I had some cement blocks stacked. Alones are the little lizards that some people call geckos or chameleons. When she barked again I thought “rabbit” as we have some that she loves to chase. After getting Lou to handle Tanzy in the wash tub, I started to un-stack the cement blocks.


My nose had  told me what I would find although it was much smaller than expected.

DSC07543 Skunk 1


Of course it would raise its tail again.


After much encouragement the skunk decided to make a run for it.


Almost on my foot.


The yard still has the odor left. Tanzy still has the smell after two baths. And we know that since this was a very young one, there are more around. So, I guess we have to watch for gators and skunks to protect our dog and our noses.

We used a receipt from the Internet: 1 qt hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 tsp liquid dish detergent. A friend, Glenn, says that he always covered his dogs with mud and left it a few hours. After washing the smell was gone. Thanks Glenn.

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