Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Exciting Sighting

Kind of a catchy title if I must say so. As I was driving, Lou made an exciting spotting. At first she thought that she was mistaken. A revisit proved that she was correct in her interpretation of what she saw.

In a previous blog I had stated that white pelicans spent their time away from shore. Well I was not aware of their migratory habits. Breeding colonies of several hundred are common on the West Coast and some lakes in Florida. I estimated at least two hundred in this colony. We first observed them before 10 am and they were still there at 5 pm.

This was our first view from the road.


Zooming in with the camera I got a closer look.


Using Picasa to crop, even closer. (Notice the cattle egret in the background.)

DSC07569 w pelican and egret

Using Picasa again.

DSC07559 w pelican close up

As an added bonus less than 50 yards from the pelicans was a group of wood storks. They are the only American stork locally common in the US. They are sometimes know as wood ibis. They are a very large bird. More on them later.

DSC07560 wood storks

There is always something new to see on God’s earth. What wonderful diversity.

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  1. Enjoying your blog. Didn't know you two were Workcamping. Sounds like fun. We've stayed put this past summer. Had to get RV repaired from long term water damage that we thought was a bad paint job. WRONG! Major reconstruction on the driver's side lounge area. But it's all done and looks great. Have a wonderful Christmas. Clara