Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A beginning look at our home

I thought that maybe I should give you some info about the base that we travel from.
Our house was built by Lou's dad in the late '70s. It is what the locals call a stick house. That means the walls are wood studs as opposed to the cement block construction used by some. With the threat of hurricanes, block and brick houses are preferred by some. Also the thermal properties of the two types are quite different.

 We are adequately anchored (metal roof not shingles to blow off). We have taken pains to see that we are well insulated. While replacing the siding we installed additional insulation and airflow barriers. Another method not often used was to lay a layer of a special sandwich of pure aluminum on both sides of a Mylar film. This reflects heat up on hot days and keeps warmth in on cool days. (We do have a few in Florida.) Our efforts seem to paying off. Electric bill last month was $48 and ac was set at 75.
These are some early morning visitors at our home. They are cattle egret, so called because they follow the cattle around and eat the bugs that are stirred up. I guess we have bugs in our yard. You can see in the through the window view we are close to the old Kissimee River. More on that later.
Tale care and pray that our elected leaders can put aside differences and work for the good of our country.

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