Monday, November 5, 2012

Daytona 500 Raceway Rally (Daytona 1)

We have just returned from 4 beautiful days of dry camping on the infield at the Daytona 500 Racetrack. The weather was perfect Florida wall to wall sunshine, a nice breeze and cool dry nights. GREAT!
There were more than 1,000 RVs of every description and price range. A lot of friendly people from all over the east coast as it was a National Good Sam Rally. There are 3 held this year, west mid-west and east. Cost of fuel was a factor in splitting into three Rallies.
The were seminars on many of the topics of most interest toRVers. I attended two by "Geeks on Tour".  As you might guess they dealt with Blogging. :-) That is why I am starting. They also covered cell phones, Facebook, Internet-on-the-Road,Picasa3 and more. Very knowledgeable people and able to get the information across.
I was impressed with the race track. It is quite narrow on the straight aways, maybe 3 cars wide(?) but the banked turns... It looked like an angle of 60 degrees and only 2 cars could travel side by side. At 200 mph, scary!
I have more to share but this will do for tonight. Thanks for looking and I would appreciate any comments.
May God Bless you and yours and our country. Tom

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