Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bay of Fundy New Brunswick

We were on our way to visit our good friends Bob and Raylene in Amherst, Nova Scotia with a day to spare on the way from our summer retreat on the Island of Mount Dessert in Maine. (Sounds pretty posh, ehh?) We decided to revisit the Bay of Fundy from a different perspective. The last time with Yankee RV Tours we walked on the ocean floor where, when we visited 6 hours later, we would have been 40 feet under water! Yes  they have the largest tides in the world. (The closer to the open ocean you get the smaller the tide change. In this area of the bay the tides vary by as much as 15 feet.) This time we drove the back roads along the coast, These are a few of the pictures that we snapped.

Please remember to click on pictures to enlarge. Pictures never measure up to the “real” thing but enlarging gives a better feel for the scene. Use the back arrow to return. Thanks.


Fundy coast 1  9-3-2014 2-04-02 PM   Fundy coast 2 NB  9-3-2014 2-07-50 PM

Several of the shots show the steepness of the coast. It is almost all rocky, granite. These are mountains, east coast style.

Fundy coast 3 9-3-2014 2-16-20 PM   Fundy coast 4 9-3-2014 2-53-54 PM

At many locations, when the tide goes out boats are left sitting on the bottom of the ocean floor. (Technically, this not the ocean but a bay or arm of the ocean.) In France we saw double keeled boats that would sit on the keels like two legs.

Fundy coast 5 break water   Fundy coast 6 beach

The picture above on the left shows a manmade breakwater at a low tide. The purpose was to create a more protected area for mooring boats. The picture on the right shows the beach composed of small round stones. We saw very few sandy beaches in this part of the world. Actually only Sand Beach at Acadia NP.

Fundy coast NB   Tanzy at NB Fundy coast

A look down the rugged coast line. And our intrepid travel companion with a waterfall backdrop.

No blog post of travel would be complete without a selfie of the travellers (sun darkened glasses and all).

Us at Bay of Fundy

The pictures were taken by Lou and Tom.

Thanks for looking and comments are always appreciated.

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