Saturday, June 21, 2014

Early days at Woodlands Campground

We arrived in late May to find the spring flowers and  wild flowers getting underway with their blooming. It was very exciting to see these old friends that are missing in Florida. Spring is on of our most favorite time of year. We  stopped at a campground in Maine a few hours drive from Woodlands. We wanted to arrive at Woodlands early in the day. The ground in the campground was covered with wildflowers.

Spring flowers

After settling in at Woodlands we drove back to Ellsworth. We had been here three summers before so we had a pretty good idea where we wanted to go. Shopping is good for most things. There are several large chain grocery stores. A long strip of route 3 has just about every kind of store you would want including an L L Bean outlet. More on that in a later blog.

Our favorite non-commercial stop is the Library. What a very nice place. It is large, airy, well stocked and has a most friendly, helpful and polite staff. We each picked up books to read and DVDs to watch. We grabbed a series of the DVDs thinking that the programs would be like Downton Abbey. WRONG! They were quite amateurish with old British humor. We watched a couple of episodes on the first DVD and returned the rest unused.

Tom at Ellsworth Library 2

On the drive back to camp we had a few stops to make. Lou can’t resist popping into Mardens. It is a store that has everything from food to clothes to material to you name it. What makes the magnetism even stronger is that they carry items that are overstock, bankrupt, etc. The prices are good but like all stores of this kind you need to read the labels.


No trip to town can avoid a stop at the roadside plants for sale. This one is very large. It has five long greenhouses and a very large out doors display of flowering plants, herbs, shrubs, vegetables (tomatoes), on and on. Lou has our camp site looking very smart (to use a British phrase).

Lou buying plants

Just a couple pictures of our site.




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