Tuesday, May 7, 2013



We travelled across Kansas fighting crosswinds of 25 mph or more. A 39 foot motor home acts like a big sail to cross winds. It might have been less noticeable except for the fact that these were gusty, 35 mph maximum. We parked for the night, April 30th, 19 miles from the Colorado border. Weather reports were wind advisory for the next day, Gusts to 45 mph. We decided to stay put.

Next morning the advisory was removed so we ventured forth towards Denver by 10 am. As we made progress westward the temperature dropped and white stuff became visible in the air. It seem to be blowing almost horizontally. Sure enough, we arrived in Denver on May First of a spring snow storm.


We ended with 4 to 6 inches in the campground where we were. Farther north received as much as 18 inches. Luckily the temperature had been about 80 F for a couple days prior. This left the roads warm enough to melt the snow rather quickly even though night time temps were well below freezing.


Of course the “girls” had to get their feet wet in the snow, while I preferred to stay on the dry pavement.

Lou n Tanzy snowTom n Tanzy


Notice the color of the sky at over 5,000 feet above sea level. It is beautiful especially on a cold clear morning. Morning! That means breakfast and we found a delightful eatery. The view was of the mountains that we would struggle to cross over in two days time.


Thanks to Chris and Katie for their hospitality, apartment tour and pizza that first night. A special thanks to Chris for his patient tutoring of Lou with her new smart phone. Jessie, the boxer, was very well behaved.

The next evening we dined on “Specks” caught in Lake Okeechobee by our good friend Tom Tucker. Lou fried them up with boiled yellow gold potatoes. An adult beverage topped off a fine meal. The four of us enjoyed several games of euchre. Katie insisted on winning before she would leave. It was a late night.


The smiles were indicative of “a good time was had by all”! Thanks Antolines.

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