Friday, April 5, 2013

Pole Sitters revisited


Since Lou’s sighting of the owl on the nest in March, we have been excited every trip to town as we have seen signs of the two owlets maturing. They are very aware of us although we are about 30 or 40 yards away on the other side of state route 70. State route 70 is a busy east/west highway across Florida.

From 70

The field behind the telephone/power pole that the nest is on is a working sod farm. There are people and machinery there daily. A large pump to spray irrigate the acreage is noisy and runs frequently yet the owls seem content with their aerie.

A closer look and you can clearly see the youngsters. The adults are not home often as they are busy providing meals for the hungry and growing pair. I imagine that they roam farther from home on each foray as food becomes harder to find.

Owlet pair 1

It won’t be long before the first will fledge. As you can see they are exercising their wings and building muscles preparing for that glorious day of first flight!

Owlet testing

“Hey you with the camera! Are you taking our picture again?” At least have us pose and say ‘CHEESE”.”

Are you watching us



We will try to capture the new owls on wing as they start off in the world.

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  1. It sounds like you are having a grand time watching those babies grow. What fun for you!