Friday, February 1, 2013

Pre-Citrus County Florida Rally

We started the trip by travelling to the Rock Crusher Canyon Campground and parking the RV. We were allowed to leave it without paying, thanks to Yankee Tours wagon master Rod Coe. We made no connections and the propane kept the refrigerator cold while we were at out good friends Ken and Ruth Ann Lautanen.

We had a super time. I think that the ladies especially like beating Ken and I at euchre, both sessions. Pinellas County has a number of very nice parks. We went to the nearest one and spent time walking and talking.


Ken and I took Tanzy to the dog run free area.

Thank you Lautanens for your superb hospitality!

In a hour and a half we were back at the RV to start our adventure with Yankee Tours Rod Coe and 16 other good RVers.


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